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Car Rental

Car Rental Has become an increasingly important need for both individuals and companies. The development of tourism perception and the increase in the number of airports led to an increase in demand for both long and short term car rentals. Choosing among the privileged services offered by many local and global brands is quite challenging for the users of car rental services. Nonetheless, it can be very troublesome to search the brand or office offering the most affordable car rental options. GIZ Corporate Travel starting off with this exact idea of meeting this need.

In recent years, the tourism sector can not be considered apart from the car rental service. In fact, the car rental is intertwined with the concept of vacation, business trip, travel and tourism both in Turkey and worldwide. So, how did the concept of rental car originate and how did it develop? In fact, the answer to this question is the answer to both the purpose of the service and how it can develop different areas to meet a very important need.

Shortly after World War II, the idea of renting cars to serve businessmen who came from different regions of the world to America. Then one by one, rent a car companies began to be established in Europe. By purchasing a range of vehicles and undertaking of all their maintenance and repair costs, the brands have provided a pleasant and stress-free driving experience, a competitive environment that focuses on service quality and vehicle fleet over time. The car rental service was brought to the airports that became widespread in a short while, and the concept of airport car rental was born. Today, the car rental service offered by some of the international brands' office network spread all over the world aims to make business trips, family and relatives visits, vacation or touristic visits more comfortable and enjoyable.

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