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The Government System in the UK 

The United Kingdom, comprising  Northern Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland is a federal constitutional monarchy under the united governmental parliamentary authority. The Parliament is the highest legal reference in the country and it consists of 2 House:

The House of Commons and the House of Lords. 

The Queen is the official head of the State and the Prime Minister, who is the leader of the party in power, is the executive authority.



The weather in the UK changes rapidly. It is difficult to predict how things might change. That is all due to the countries geographical location. It is usually cloudy and rainy throughout the year. 



The UK is located in the Northwest of the European continent. It is surrounded by the North Sea, English Channel, and the Atlantic Ocean. There are plenty of islands and areas under the British Monarchy sovereignty like the Isle of Man and overseas lands (British settlements.)

Main cities are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol and New Castle Upon Tyne.

Britain and France are connected via an under-the-sea channel, starting from near Dover, for freight and passenger trains to facilitate transport between the two countries.


Freedom of Faith / Belief 

The UK is one of Europe’s most varied and multi-faith countries and people can practice their religious rituals without any difficulty. 

It is illegal for anyone to discriminate against others on the basis of their belief or religion in the UK. If you fall a victim to religious discrimination, you must report it.



It is illegal to discriminate against people on the basis of their color, race, ethnic origins, ethnicity, age, sex or sexual orientation. If you become subject to any of these forms of discrimination, you must report it. If you are found to discriminate against anyone on basis of any of the above forms you might be taken to court for that.


Bank Holidays

In England and Wales, there are 8 bank holidays every year. ( 9 in Scotland and 10 in Ireland)

You can get more information about these bank holidays and their dates through your local post office.



There is a 20% tax (Value Added Tax = VAT) added on most commercial products. You can get the value refunded to you at the airport when leaving the UK

1-Ask the shop for the tax return form on the same day of purchase.

2-Agree with the shop on how to get the refund, i.e. by cash or on credit card)

3-Before leaving and while in the airport going home, provide the officer-in-charge with your tax return form along with your purchases and your passport. The officer will certify your form 

•No refund can be done after your purchases get dispatched.

•Children - garments, books, and food are tax-free.

Be mindful that the tax refund queue is usually very long, which might cause you delay for your flight.

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